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15th May 2017

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I'm sorry it has been a while. I have been so focused on job hunting and filling out application forms that I haven't had the chance (or more so the motivation) to update my site but I have been missing it a lot and I really want to get back in to writing again and I want to get back in to coding and just being creative again. I am unsure what to say really as I have no real excuse and you have heard me apologise a million times. You know that I want to write more, you know that I want to be more present on here and you know that I miss it so what more can be said?
I need my life to become more stable before I can get in to any sort of routine and I'm sorry if this isn't what you want to hear but I want to be more realistic. I need a routine and maybe then and only then can I take steps to build more here.



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